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So, ive been looking around the forums etc. but I simply cannot find a list of all the OSkills and where they can appear.
Am I blind or isnt there a list like that on the forum?!

If not, we need one. I hate when relevant information is not accesable on the forum of relevance.

If there is a list like that I would be very apreciative towards the person who link it :D

Ty and best regards.
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Fumbles wrote:

Thanks a bunch mate! Love the mod, still a scrub tho.
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@Fumbles you dont know if there is any info that tells on which items the different oskills appear?
122 | 5 ... items.html Documentation of the previous patch, but +/- information is relevant.
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Seconds of searching. Be minds, it's not updated to MXL2017 (and probably not full).