Unable to run Median XL after multiple reinstallations.

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Nothing Better Than Having the Best Handheld Vacuum Cleaners in The House. What Is That?

Two important questions you should ask to be able to choose for yourself a good vacuum cleaner are: first, is it able to remove dust and dirt from all kinds of surfaces efficiently, and second, is it easy to use and clean? The questions break down into many other specific categories of the vacuum cleaner so that you, the customer can quickly scroll down and decide the best vacuum cleaner for your requirements.

This review is for the one who is looking for a lightweight, highly-mobile, trouble-free and powerful vacuum cleaner – the handheld ones. In this article, we bring you the breakdown of the most budget-friendly handheld Image Top Rated Vacuum Cleaners , the Black & Decker DVJ325BF-AMGB.

Black & Decker DVJ325BF-AMGB

One of the smartest handheld vacuum cleaners

This vacuum cleaner by Black & Decker features smart technology with the incorporation of many sensors such as a battery sensor, filter sensor and an intelligent power sensor incorporated into a simple design to make our lives easier.


The concern that stops many customers from buying a cordless vacuum cleaner is their low suction power, but it is no longer any trouble with the Black & Decker Dustbuster. This product provides you with two modes of operation. Operating on just its default mode, it can remove most of dust, dirt and spills on many different surfaces from carpets to wood floors, and from hard to soft textile surfaces.

Its outstanding Intelligent Boost mode even gives you extra suction power with a simple action of the double press of the power button. Now, debris of small size can be easily picked up. Indeed, this product features cyclonic action which, true to its name will spin dust away from the filter hence reducing significantly unwanted clogging. This, in turn, enhances the cleaning performance.

The condition of the equipment will be conveyed to you by the SmartTech sensors which detect and display the battery level, the state of the filter so that you will know when to charge the battery or replace and clean up the filter. This function is particularly useful if you have experience of your vacuum running out of power in the middle of your cleaning process. Isn’t it annoying?



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Multifunctionality with a full package of extensions

The Dustbuster vacuum cleaner comes with many other additional accessories which support you in the cleaning of various surfaces. First, a crevice tool from the Black & Decker could be twice more in length therefore you can effortlessly reach to awkward or higher and inaccessible areas.

Once extended, this crevice tool is quite stable so you will have no uncertainty. The extension can be reverted using the release button. In the case of cleaning spills on the carpet, Black & Decker offers you a flip-out brush which goes with the crevice tool to carry out this duty. This flip-out brush is also provided for the purpose of cleaning other delicate materials, for instance, fan crates.



This Dustbuster only weighs 1.09 kg with very compact and fashion design.

After emptying the dirt bowl, the filter inside can be washed using water. However, do not worry about the durability because the filter material is so stable that you only need to replace it after a long time.

This product features a Lithium-Ion battery. This requires from four to six hours for complete charging.

Indeed, the customer will be offered two years warranty in case you change your mind or find this product unsatisfactory.


This vacuum cleaner from Black & Decker is highly recommended as one of the Best vacuum cleaner for home Image among all handheld vacuums. It is truly a reliable assistant in house cleaning at a reasonable price of less than $60.
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MeredithSmith wrote:I just installed a fresh copy of Diablo II and LoD ver 1.14b to C:/Games/Diablo II. The base game, and LoD run without issue until Median XL has been installed.

I installed Median XL to the same location.

Upon clicking 'play' I get an error 'UNHANDLED EXCEPTION: ACCESS_VIOLATION (c0000005).

I googled this error assuming that it would be an easy fix, and was informed that this is a generic Diablo II error and I won't know what's actually happening until I look into the crash log.

This is what the log says.

[2020-05-27 20:44:30 -07:00] Missing or empty settings.json file. It has been created using defaults.
[2020-05-27 20:44:40 -07:00] Error: Command failed: "C:\Games\Diablo II\Game.exe"

at ChildProcess.exithandler (child_process.js:282:12)
at emitTwo (events.js:125:13)
at ChildProcess.emit (events.js:213:7)
at maybeClose (internal/child_process.js:921:16)
at Process.ChildProcess._handle.onexit (internal/child_process.js:211:5)

I have tried running the game, and Median XL as an administrator. I have tried running the game and Median XL in compatibility mode.

I have reinstalled both the base game and Median XL 4 times, 3 to the same location -- once to another location just to rule that out.

What the hell am I doing wrong?!

Read this topic but my guess is that you not running d2 on compatible mode with xp or something not running as admin.
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Also dont install D2/Median on C drive
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hellgrind wrote:Also dont install D2/Median on C drive

I have it on c works fine