Paladin (Coleseum skill) question.

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When you use this skill where is it supposed to create the ring of fire that it creates? I assumed its where u stop but for me its not. It seems to be either where I used the skill or halfway through the teleport. It seems pretty useless or im doing something majorly wrong. Any help would be awesome.
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The ring of fire is just visual so it adds nothing to the skill, its just there to kinda let you know the radius of it. Sometimes you get hit by a big hit so you go into your hit recovery animation, while you were casting the colosseum, so it interrupts the skill and even though it shows the skill effect, it does not actually go through. This happens with pretty much every skill in the game, not unique to colosseum.

When you colosseum into a pack of mobs, it makes them have -25% physical resistance and it lowers their movement speed. It can also be used as a movement skill to pass from pack to pack with enough point investment.