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Median 2.0 wishlist

Hey everyone! I hope you're all doing good!
(1: Not too sure where to post this thread! Sorry if it's the wrong one)
(2: Sorry for my poor english!)

As the title say! Today i share with you my wishlist of improvements that i would love to see being added to the game with the 2.0 release or maybe later on if it's doable or possible!
And i would like to have your thought about it! The best way to know what you think, is to make a poll 8-) !

If you want to vote, post a comment and do as follow:
    1: yes
    2: yes
    3: yes
    4: yes
    5: no (explain why) Saying no or bad won't help if you're not explaining why!
    6: yes
    7: yes
    8: yes
    9: yes
    10: yes

Wish n°1

Character sheet!

Having a fully detailed character sheet in one or two tab in the character tab section: monster/boss kills - deaths - difficulty - SC or HC/ladder or non ladder - mana regen - life leech ... (everything that we can see in the d2stats filter)


Wish n°2

Having a new tab or todolist with totally new achievements and rewards!
(those numbers are random)

    kill 50 time: bartuc
    reward: 1 perfect legacy of blood charms

    kill 100 times: bartuc
    reward: 1 full legacy of blood trophy

    kill 250 times: bartuc
    reward: +10 to all attributs

    kill 500 times: bartuc
    reward: +1 skill points

    kill 1000 times: bartuc
    reward: Legendary bartuc aura effect or mini bartuc pet cosmetic only

If we could have that on almost or every ubers in the game, that will make people stay a bit longer in the game even if we wont finish those challenges!

Wish n°3

A better auto-sorting of item when ctrl+click!

Everytime we do crafting in median (lucking/orbing/etc..) the item in the cube go on the top left corner (except for some item like belts) which tend to be a little annoying!(VERY BORING)
So if we could have all the item transferred to the bottom right corner when we ctrl+click it instead of top left it would be lovely!
Those little things doesn't seems to be that bad but when you do thousands of craft you feel it alot!

Wish n°4

Disenchantment improvement!

Being able to assign or lock a square in the inventory for specific item so they are not being randomly sorted when ctrl+click!
I'm thinking of both catalyst of disenchantment and learning, if we could choose to lock or assign them to a specific square in the inventory or:


Wish n°5

Inventory improvements!

Having a 2nd cube or extra inventory tab to stash duplicated charms and quest item ONLY!
When farming charms for trophy frag or looking for a perfectly rolled charm (or any other reason), clearing the cube everytime we want to use it, it's a pain!
That's why it would be lovely to have an extra "only quest cube" or stash tab in the inventory itself only for that purpose!


Wish n°6

Inventory improvments for shrines!


Wish n°7

Gambling merchant improvements!

When looking for a base Tier1 to Tier4, we have to refresh the shop by clicking on the npc, then on the gambling text, then look for the item randomly sorted with random tier level.
Sometimes looking for one item can take long!(really long)
So it would be nice to have a refresh button inside the shop and a new way to see the item sorted by tier as follow:


Wish n°8

Multiplayer quest rewards!

When we play in team, most of the quest rewards don't drop for each players but only once (except for main quest item), which make the multiplayer really not friendly!
It would be lovely to have duplicated main and side quest items for every players in the game!

Wish n°9

Multiplayer drop improvements!

From my personnal experience, the multiplayer in diablo in general is something people tend to avoid!
Not because it's not fun!
Not because you don't get exp!
But because the first who pick the item get it!
And thats why a lot of people don't play median in MultiPlayer at all and go for SinglePlayer!

It would be a dream to have self loot in MultiPlayer games! Or by adding dice rules when the item drops, so people can see other players loot but can't pick it.
Or everybody got his own loot, which will add way more items into the game and will ease the trade with other people especially for HC (because there is really not that many active players)
But also for SC Ladder endleague! Because after 1month and half after the beginning of the league there is not that many items for trade anymore!

Wish n°10

Maybe the most important core issue that people have encountered so far: desync!

Desync comes from d2 vanilla and remains in median. In fact in median the desync occurs way way more often as the character movement speed increase!
I know that they added a resync button in PD2 to counter it! (but that's not really a fix!)
It would be so nice to have desyncs totally removed from the game!
But a similar resync button added like PD2 would be nice too!

That's it for the wish list.
I may have skipped a few things that i would like to see added to the game, but if all of those could be already added, it would be a breeze!
Thanks for reading and have a good gob hunt!
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Though they may be difficult to implement in this old engine or might be too late for 2.0, new constructive ideas are always great.

Yes to all.
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I think only no. 1 and 3 are actually possible without too much effort. No. 1 because we all saw it happening with plugy, and No. 3 because changing the placement in the cube should require only changing a couple of numbers of the X and Y axis. However, those could be hard coded into the game or it might not be easy to find that part in the code unless Blizzard releases the source code.

No. 9 and 10 are actually the reasons why I don't like playing online. If they made multiplayer more attractive that would definitely be a gamechanger in its truest sense. Even just fixing EXP gains and drop chances in multiplayer to reward people for fighting harder monsters in groups would already make it worth it. My reasons have actually less to do with seperating loot between players. That would just be the cherry on top of the cake. And desync... I can bare with it, if just playing with others would be fun and rewarding.

My conclusion: all good suggestions, but whether these things can even be implemented is a whole different story. Most of them are most likely not possible. Or require way too much work for what it's worth.
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I would like auto sort inventory button, like in Grim Down.
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I wish there was a charm inventory tracker- current, missing and their respective level requirements.
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Different skills. The dominant spell in this game is the trap = "cast something that soon does something that deals damage while you are able to run around"

Disco Inferno = Fortress = Broadside = Voidstar = Fairey Ring = Tantrum = ATMG = Fussilade = Cherubim = Orb of Annihilation = Barrage = Necro Totems/Barb Summons = literally any other skill that isn't a summon/buff/many melee skills/direct spell damage like flamestrike
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yes , but..... no
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Are you a designer at heart? As far as I understand, such changes are very difficult to make. Too old game.
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Yep, would be great to see such as improvements but as others stated - I'm afraid the game/engine is too old to make this happen.
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Most seem impossible but I would love to have personal loot when playing inside a party on multiplayer.