Diablo 2 Resurrected

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Anonymous: wrote:Graphics > Gameplay ? 20 years passed and all what is done is new graphics and extra stash tab ? Some old forgotten mods have more/better quality of life features. Auto pickups, expanded inventory, special place for charms only, map reveals, crafting, rws, balance, antibots, antidupes - this is what is needed.

Auto Pick up (at least for gold) confirmed
RW's confirmed
Antibots and antidupes confirmed
Balance will stay as it currently is at release

What I took from the interview, the team has a very defensive stance for basically any changes in order to not anger the old playerbase. Mainly because Blizzard doesn't want another WC3 desaster.

But they also said that in the deep dive more things will be added depending on what the community wants. Maybe even balance changes.

So yeah, at first it will lack some serious QoL features, but I'm pretty certain that the remaster will grow over time. Maybe a year after release it'll be up to the standard we are used to nowadays.
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I hope blizzard will change something more, not only graphic remaster, still the same monsters , the same acts , the same class, the same skills, the same loot, just graphic remake. In diablo 2 lod after 1 week, its no challenge anymore , just do the same things again and again and again. It will be nice to play median xl with this new graphic and some new features.
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40€ for only 3d and small implements is laughable. Wonder how much they will want for d4 after release :wall:
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I am here, hoping for Median on the Remastered.

Don't know if it is possible.
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That remaster has rather high system requirements from what I saw. 16 GB ram as requirement? That's pretty new. The only game that managed to exceed 8 GB on my PC was BeamNG.drive with a giant map loaded. And a high price too. Idk what to think about it. Would be nice to replay Diablo II in HD with sharp textures etc but for those kind of games graphics are much less important than gameplay.

I mean, Dusk looks like shit, HROT looks like shit, many other throwback shooters look like shit. They look like games made in late '90s on purpose. Yet people play them and they have very high review scores.
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This announcement is HUGE, maybe the legend Brother Laz comes back to us.
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momope wrote:Image

This announcement is HUGE, maybe the legend Brother Laz comes back to us.
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Brother Laz! The big boss.
Now we need to find Borgin and we are back oldschool!
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fr0gbug wrote:
momope wrote:Image

This announcement is HUGE, maybe the legend Brother Laz comes back to us.

That is really exciting.

Median Resurrected? That would be sick af.
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The only thing that would get me interested in this is if MXL is ported over. It sure is pretty and the stash stuff is nice but cLoD is just too slow for 2021 and there's too much competition from PoE, Grim Dawn etc. at this point.