GlovePIE/AutoHotkey for Mouse Wheel

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Hi all.

It seems that some users are experiencing an issue with not being able to use mouse wheel for next/previous skill.

There is GlovePIE program that could help you with that, and there is AutoHotkey. They both work on my side and I hope it will work on your side too. :P

GlovePIE stands for Glove Programmable Input Emulator.

You can download it from here:

Once downloaded, extract it somewhere, open e.g. folder version 0.45...

Run PIEFree.exe

In the New window copy paste the following:
Key.1 = Mouse.WheelDown
Key.2 = Mouse.WheelUp
Key.3 = Mouse.MiddleButton

Where 1-3 will be your keyboard shortcuts you assign under Preferences in mxl, on my side that is like this:
Key.L = Mouse.WheelDown
Key.K = Mouse.WheelUp
Key.Tab = Mouse.MiddleButton

L - Next skill
K - Previous skill
Tab - Automap

Save the script, of course you don't need to use e.g. Mouse.MiddleButton if you don't want to but I like it. You can do a lot of things, maybe you have mouse with 10 buttons.

In PIEFree.exe press Run to start the script and play the game.
This works for RMB skills, and it was like that always, right :scratch: :mjump:

Once you are done playing, Stop the script.

NB - this is not attached to diablo, meaning that if you are using some other program where you have the same certain keyboard key assigned it should work too. Also it will behave a little bit weird in windows explorer hence use this while playing the game only.

NB - of course, you need to assign e.g. F1 to F8 for your skills.

Big Thanks to Carl Kenner for creating GlovePIE and for Ravbug for maintaining the copy of it.


The ultimate automation scripting language for Windows.

You can download it from here:

Once you install the program, start the program and then it will ask you if you want to edit a new AutoHotkey script.

Say Yes and add this to the script
WheelUp::SendInput, 1 
WheelDown::SendInput, 2
MButton::SendInput, 3

Where 1-3 are your key bindings for previous/next skill, and last one if you want for Automap.

NB - if you want to use middle button for map it seems that MButton::SendInput, Tab doesn't work correctly, what it does is that it will open both character and skill tree windows and will scroll through skills at the same time.

But if you assign other key for Automap it seems it will work fine e.g.
MButton::SendInput, m

PS - I like it simple, maybe there is "correct" script to use Tab for middle button but I wouldn't know. :mrgreen:

Your script file "AutoHotkey.ahk" is located in My Documents folder.

Run the script for playing, and exit once you are done.

Big Thanks to AutoHotkey Foundation LLC.

That is it.

Enjoy :cheers: