Blood magic

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Pit Knight
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Hello, i got a question about new Amazon Blood tree skill, that gives you "Blood magic" if you are closed enough near fire elementals.
What it gives exactly to Blood Storm skill? It says additional Blood star per cast.

Sooo im not noticing in one cast showing two Blood stars (those skulls). Or maybe it does since its in the same place and laying one on another. Dont know.


Im not noticing shooting two Blood star in the same target per one skull, but same, could be one on another flying in the same direction so we dont see it.


Its Just another target, making it shooting not 6 targets but 7 per one skull.

Anyone know exactly how does it work? What its doing? Had Blood Amazon previous patches and its really strong. In this patch early game it was the most painfull starter in all of the median history, God damnit, but its later getting to its former power and i think it can be much more powerfull. The masterys longer duration to skill does count to fixed bllodlust 20 second duration (when you have bachannalia), making it 25 second and only 5 second in our weaker version. So you have almost all the time ultra instinct form clearing off screen with Blood Storm easily everything, Jezus...