Which zon build for Scosglen?

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I'm playing SSF with a buddy and we are having trouble farming Scosglen. I can do it somewhat as Stormzon if I gem 85 max res. Minus few items from Stormzon guide I have all the endgame items. Missing shield / chest / belt. I'm just curious if jav/bow/blood might feel better but don't see much content for it.
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SG, blood, storm, bow.

You dont need to get exactly item that is written in guide. Just use any replacement, it will gives you lower stats but still nice enough to farm.
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poison java scayle pretty easy (amanita + klaatu bara nikto amy or another psn source and you reach 200k ez)
edit : also can be pretty good to Mf/clearzone with endgame gear
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I dont k ow where u at, but doing some small upgrade do a big difference (trophy, good roll on charm, umbaru, corrupted wormhole, MO, jewel)
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I was able to do a full clear as Stormzon but I had throw my corpse at a few of the corrupted druids. I realized I could swap all my nefs for crafted jewels. :) Thanks for the feedback!
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i use a lvl 140 blood zon, build around red vex, pretty much all items ssf/ only bought small upgrades, expect my vial and one relic.

solo or with one extra in the game it is pretty fast, just the big tree and the icy elemental slow me down a bit, otherwise it's just perma runnign and fireing. Exception is ofc a druid kinda thing, they are hard but doable. just stand on the other side of a fence of river and spam them.