How the old skill tree functioned

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Hey fellas,

I vaguely remember the skills could only be increased by one point for every 6 levels or so. And with 2.0 came the tooltip indication showing 'base level' and 'max level' depending on the skills(?)
Was it like that for every skill including the ultimates? I'd like to know if there were more to it than that.

And I am wondering whether the idea behind switching to the vanilla tree system was to be more accessible to newcomers. If not, was there another design choice?

Actually, now that I wondered why in the first place it was decided to attain skills like that then.

Thanks for providing some insight into this.
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I'm not sure what Brother Laz's rationale was for the 1 every 6 scheme, Nephew Marco probably knows. Or maybe Ariel or one of the other fossils. I'd be interested in knowing these things myself.
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My guess would be that the skill design was affected by technological limitations of that time. They probably couldn't add more skill tabs than the original 3 and they needed to fit more than 3 class specs so the "skill tree' was not a viable option. And the base skill level increase every 6 character levels could be to make it play nice with the previous max level 120.