What build will you play in the 33 season?

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Acid Prince
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Hey, guys
What build do you use for the 33 season (version 2.5)? What is the reason?
How about Bowzon?

There is no doubt that the team cut wyrd sor three times. Wyrd sor must be equipped with Tryaels Might to get qualified damage (about 150K)
The mana wolf's original 55000 mana will become 32000 mana.
The bear should be a strong and popular build.
The biggest hot spots this season should be bowzon and physical sor, because bowzon's SSSU gloves and RW helmets have been added. Physical SOR strengthens skill damage, and 2.4 also has excellent performance. The element sor, I think, should be more like a tank.
The crossbow NEC increases the life and reduces the element resistance;
With the addition of new daggers, the owl druid seems to have a good performance in 2.5. We can look forward to it.
The poison assassin is in the range of nerf, but the damage has not changed. She should still be excellent.
In addition, Guard Tower ama and Guard Tower bar, although the Guard Tower has been adjusted to 100% weapon damage, the physical resistance of the enemy has also decreased, and lab farming should be no problem, but DEIMOSS should be more difficult.
The above is my own point of view.
I will consider playing bowzon
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Poison assassin
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Bowzon, lets goooooooo!
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Bone Archer
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Totem necro
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Dark Huntress
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berry117 wrote:Poison assassin

yeah ok bud, BOWZONE
Azure Drake
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Have always loved bladestorm for the aesthetic, melee sorc was my 1st lvl 120 char on realm back when 120 was the cap.
Will give it a shot with the revamp and hope it's good.
Monkey King
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I like to start with necromancer (this season maybe crossbow). Or it will be a bear, one of my favorite melee build. But I'm curious about the melee sorc changes too.
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Bone Archer
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Thinking about going Psy Assassin, but before I decide I need to know how much they nerfed Scorp Blade radius with Lethal Infusion. Prefer having a fallback plan in case the main build disappoints.

Also, anyone gonna try out the buffed Throw Barb?