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Yo guys! i haven't been active for a while. Just wondering what build is easy and playable from the very beggining. Just to be able to farm dunc, maybe fautz?

Couple seasons ago poison sorc and spear ama has worked well but looking for anything different now. Any suggestions?
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IronMan wrote:https://forum.median-xl.com/viewtopic.php?f=40&t=78735

Azure Drake
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Javazon... really nice character. And now you can get a really nice item for the transition of TU to mid game: the shield javelin set. I know, I know, the full set is usefull (for poison javazon) but I enjoy have a better life pool and replenish it with lifesteal in maybe 1 java spam, xd ... from all character I've done SSF in SP Java gives me a smooth experience.