Iron Spiral Barbarian Guide (Skill plan & Gearing section updated)

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In the Early Game leveling, this part is a bit vague:
... bear stance and use that until you get wolf stance. after that go leveling up wolf stance up.

But the Skillplan for Early & Midgame doesn't say anything about wolf stance.
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Tkorpi wrote:
shr1mp wrote:
Tkorpi wrote:Your skill tree have something very wrong if you cant do dest a1 withthat geat. 300k defense with bear stance? Your damage reduction? You have erawan and truce runewords? You use runemaster? Have pgems as sockets? Brc is done? Are you 120?

A2 merc with bloodlust is best. Gear doesnt matter too much.

370k def with bear stance yes, dmg reduction is 48% with bear, if you mean physical resist aka damage reduction.

erawan and truce? never heard of that are they for offhand? i'm using dao of xiansai and invictus, runemaster and immortal are as high as possible (16 atm) i use a mix of runes and pgems to cap resists, just hit 120. what is BRC ? bloodlust is exemplar merc ?
oh and i have 1% block chance because only 400 dex, how to fix that ?
where can i get Nih rune for that body armor ? sorry spamming questions

cheers :)

no prob. Truce is vith rune belt with high defense and damage reduction, Erawan is armor with high defense and damage reduction do these to sacred armor base items and you get huge boost to your defense. You also need to get some FHR. when you use runemaster you should have all sockets with runes on them as they rise your defense up pretty high. also if you die re -equip every gear that has runes on them so you get more defense.

Vith and Nih runes can be found on end of terror for example nihlathak. BRC is Black road challenge that you should do before you go to destruction. when you enter destruction you need to check gear that you have damage and defensive stats you need to go there. max resist / good enough defense.

Bloodlust is on shapeshifter merc. you also would want to check if you can go some better weapon than dao like Gehenna with XAR rune for example.

You dont need to worry about dex or block for now you need charms and signets to be able to hit 75% block

To be fair he cant do BRC until he hits Dest Act 2. (Since portal skill drops from Dest Summoner)

I think he stuck on the early game gear and still doesnt swap to mid game gear. This is why he is struggling so much.
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How do you craft Mark of the Wild axes?
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You can use shrines to craft or reroll recipe.
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I have a long cooldown on Iron Spiral and I don't know what causes it.

Edit: I'm a dumbass, I need to level it to six minimum to get rid of cooldown.
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fiodorson wrote:I have a long cooldown on Iron Spiral and I don't know what causes it.

The last patch added a short cooldown to some abilities that you can get rid of if you invest 7 points or more.
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I am wondering how to obtain max block? I have 400+~~ base points in dex and everything listed in the mid-game gear portion, however my block chance is at 2%. Is there something I am missing? Or when you say max block are you referring to faster block rate. This build feels squishy to me, not sure where I'm going wrong.

Edit- Or do I need to now swap to gladiators dominance from runemaster?
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I am new and playing this build so I may not be correct but it is my understanding that you will need max gladiators dominance and over 2k dex from % attribute charms to reach max block
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Hmm okay maybe I'll have to swap off runemaster then. Does getting that max block make you incredibly less squishy?
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Im lvl 18 atm, and I ran Griswold multiple times.. But I still didnt get zealot rush, featherclaw and jitans kamon :(. Should I run it till I get it or just go on and use looted items?