Mana Feedback Sorceress [1.2]

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PlayerOne wrote:A shame to read how the build has been destroyed,

I'd be interested in your opinion as to what is the best sorc build in Sigma for (a) ubers and (b) farming?

i got lucky and found Valthek's Command SSU and thus far (lvl120) mana sorc has been great for farming, with under par gear in other slots.
i do struggle with single target, but i keep a hailstorm amy with a few ice -res and ice spell damage gear.
i think the playstyle is very fun and very viable.
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Crafted Scepter w/Psionic Storm oskill also works well for bosses.

Feedback Sorcs are fun, but there are still major issues with them that I hope get addressed eventually:
> Lack of dedicated gear (this isn't some hipster oskill build. There's an entire tree dedicated to it, ffs).
> Lackluster single-target damage (pretty much every boss in Hell has Phys Res. Even with maxed Immersion+Chronofield, damage is just sad).
> Expensive af (early/mid-game = need shittons of gold for MOs, which is harder to get now. End-game = need rare/expensive items to really shine).