How to get all charms with T6 gear [1.3]

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Hello Aerial. I will definitely play when i reached midgame a deathgaze or another melee oriented barb build similar to this. I saw some people said in the forum they will start with a summneor barb and later respec into a melee barb. Do you think a summenor barb is in the playthrough superier to a deathgaze barb? I dont care about respec one time more. What you would suggest me? And when summenor is superier, are there some charms you highly recommand to do with summenor barb (beginner items) before i respec into deathgaze or another melee barb?
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Summoner is going to be better for farming midgame stuff, like k3ba, you can stack up mf, support merc better, just teleport around.
But for leveling melee/fortress barb will be smoother imo, and for sure better for getting charms, as many bosses punish minion builds, some you can straight up not even use them (because for example boss heals on every minion kill).
Summoner barb is typical farming spec, and its good at what it does.
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Thank you very much.