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Akak_ wrote:have u been farmin in any of 3 proper ways?
like for e.x. killin Lilith adds nonstop? (after brining her to the room with a red portal wall) (or using a book of summoning)
(sry spelling)
p.s. btw need to try this with the new unique item drop filter (wasnt possible before with the garbage all around the screen)

Yes, started this last night. It's better but still slow for me though. I feel like I'm still not doing it right because it just takes a really long time.

evil_potato wrote:this ladder it's much easier to get a path of flames amu (spawns with higher slvl too) also, don't use the set pieces. they're actually pretty rare and not that good. I mention that somewhere in guide but there are a lot of references to the set pieces that I just didn't bother to clean up (was expecting sigma sooner XD)

Playing on SP, so no Path of Flames amulet for me :(. I haven't found any of the set pieces so I figured I'd just avoid those anyway :P
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using ring of light instead? it does much more damage to them tbh and btw the main point is to NOT use divine apparition (teleport + freeze) az all mobs here in toraja become permanent immune after freezing - so no merc freeze no da tpin on them!!!

took me a few days before i found that info - u can cure it by leaveing the zone (via tp to town) or maybe waiting for quite a while...
enemies started to die in no time after i figured out how does this perma immune work (and btw binding an edyrem spawn on LMB is way too useful)
sry spelling
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Oohhh did not know about the permaimmune after freeze. That will help a lot. Thank you!