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zeitzi wrote:how you guys dealing with Diablo on hell? till here it was more than super easy run-through, but this guy knocks my minions off in 2 seconds, and due to high mana cost, i cannot revive them as they die …

currently d2 stats says i have around 131% Resistences on my minions … does it inculde difficulty drop? do i Need to get higher? I have About 30% left on amulet, rings and on my Shield … how high should it be ?

Damage aint a deal i think, i have around 1,8k Damage, 12k attack Rating, 12k life already, still 90% beginner gear … its just their survivabilty againt Diablos ultis …

Looking Forward to hear from you!

Do you have all 115 charms except koth? if so go do those, you absolutely dont need to do diablo before 120, and even then if you dont plan on doing baal you dont need to go to a5 till 125.
131 res is useless, it caps at 75.
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Is this character still viable to solo play most part of the game?
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Still pretty good most game up until around lvl 120. It does quite well in Teganze. I didn't have as much luck with Duncraig though. And beyond those areas, no idea, never tried.
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Is this perhaps the best summoner character of the server? or is there another who does it better?
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Necro and Barb both are better endgame.