Iron Spiral Barbarian

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how many skill points in dex do you need to get to the max? also referring to the gladiator
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it depends which shield you use

if you use ancients legacy you need around lvl 120 2200-2300 dex also with every lvl the needed max block increases itself which means on my current lvl (141) i would need around 2600-2800 dex for maxblock

so try to spare always some points for putting again some more into dex with every lvl if you go max block

but with others shield idk exactly just with ancients legacy
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Do you give me advice to climb with maximum strength? I have the adrenaline ring and I'm at 78 max but using the gems I don't have the runemaster bonus so I wouldn't know how to do it, I need it to do teganze
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Are there any runes you'd recommend looking out for after 90?
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Sry kind a newb currently farming all these item since my ice barb build is suxing really hard... but what is a Abandoned craft?
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kingkoopa300 wrote:Sry kind a newb currently farming all these item since my ice barb build is suxing really hard... but what is a Abandoned craft?

It's a reference to Shrinecrafting, which uses a yellow Sacred item and a Shrine of the appropriate type to generate a Crafted item with additional modifiers. More specific instructions can be found in the documentation, under Items -> Cube Recipes -> Shrines and Crafting. The wiki contains a complete list of all shrines and their effects if you want more detail.
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Was following the build with moderate amounts of success but now I'm stuck on bartuc. I'm lvl 117 have 600k defense, 8.3k life, have all the tiered uniques suggested. Up to this point struggle a bit with ubers, but could always see improvement and a light at the end of the tunnel. But with bartuc I'm going no where. I can maybe live 1.5 minutes inside there, take 40% of his health and that's it.

Any suggestions on how I can improve, Anyone got to end game with this build?
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Haven't played sigma yet but I remember summoning endyrems from the judgement day quest to make bartuc easy
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Just to register this here. I ended up putting 6 points in death gaze, getting an axe and one shot the boss. Idk why it was so much easier, but it was literally just that. Boss melted too.

This build is nice to start with, especially because the shield makes it easy to scale defense at lower levels, but I'm switching to Aerial's 2h barb now.
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Which ones should be put in the weapon?