Throwsin Miniguide

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robinro wrote:has anyone done judgementday + upgrade with a throwspec? i saw someone say that its rather easy but idk how since bursting them down with the throwskills seems rather hard if you cant target them properly. should i respec for trap/castersin or am i missing sth?

Broadside and stormcrows don't require any aiming to be done. It's possible and not bad with stormcrows or broadside as long as you have a decent cast rate to keep edyrem up to take the hits and spawn avatars for you. Otherwise, just do what nitz said and go caster until you get that upgrade
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Nitz wrote:I generally say not to respec from caster to anything else before that upgrade and some heroics.

Other wise you could lure one away and get him low. Then get a new one, kill and then run to the other to kill. Works best of you have one king lured to the cathedral and the other to the jail.

whats the best spec to do it in your opinion? electrofield sentry? which spell?
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Limpet laser of course. I wrote a whole guide about it. There is no easier way for a sin to do that upgrade. Electrofield is too slow to insta killed them.