Werewolf Druid

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Rainbow2133 wrote:
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yaksa wrote:What's the highest Harbinger damage have you guys achieved while maintaining decent survivability? I had reached around 7500 damage with strength build at level 136 although I was missing on quite a number of tough to get charms. Is this a good damage amount?

My current farm build at level 144 melts Duncraig and Faust.
On-Screen shows 13K Harbinger and 26K Mana Pulse. D2stats shows:

Cann you please post your notarmory?[/quoteif I were you, since you should accumulated almost every piece of gear on your own, to transit to cold. My 135 sits at 17k max damage on Harbringer tooltip, and 38k Twisted claw. Also attack speed frames are much lower.

Your harbinger tooltip might be higher but deadly strike does nothing for you.
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can anyone that has tried a successful dex/cold version of the build list the bis items for each slot please?
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Why is -10 sword better than -20??? With -20 its easier to reach breakpoints so i dont see the point
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What do you think about the new reward skill (survival instinct) ? It gaves cold damage based str/dex and physical resist. You think it's better than faerie fire or not ?
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Anything different in 1.7?
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jdaze wrote:Anything different in 1.7?

Wolf got faster sprint speed, and the new uberskill lets you get 10% phys res and some extra damage; wolf already has plenty of avoid available between the innate avoid in wolf form and symbiosis synergy. That said all of the uberskills are usable in some capacity.

If you use Survival Instincts, feel free to dump the extra points into bolstering harvesters, extra meatshields make farming a lot less painful early on.
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What would u MO Carsomyr with? Still IAS or would you just depend on jewels for that?
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Just started this build and absolutely love the gameplay! Anything new with 1.8 i should look out for ( I'm totally new to median )?
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Securus wrote:Just started this build and absolutely love the gameplay! Anything new with 1.8 i should look out for ( I'm totally new to median )?

Nothing changed from 1.7 to 1.8
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Forecasts on when will this guide be updated to 2.0? The Werewolf Druid based on strength.