Werewolf Druid - 1.4 update

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Bone Archer
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Neyhanis wrote:So I'm playing the colddex version with a crystal sword.
Damage is decent at best, not too good, except for single target which is pretty good, but harbinger is a bit meh so far.
Defense is ridiculous however, right now at lv125 im sitting on 12k hp + 150k def + 75%block + 63% avoid, with lots of life on attack and 25%ctc life spark10 (so 10% life every 4 attacks, with 12attacks per sec(5fpa)). Can facetank most stuff no problem and thats pretty fun :)

Gonna try the azgar's cystal (manawolf) version soon, with a KoXis helm (+mana and +10% avoid) for over 70% avoid (should make up a bit for the loss of block).
The plan is to stack a ton of ENE, as druid gets +6mana per energy. Maybe also using Hellmouth as the parasite skill is pretty comfortable to farm if i dont want to harbinger (and it also has a nice -50% manaregen which turns into slowing down mana for us) on top of the sash of frozen seas of course.

I just started wolf, and my main found an azgars, I'm curious to hear about your set up and success rate. :)