Trap Rat Miniguide Pog

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Pinball wrote:
Magisch wrote:
Pinball wrote:Well you dont need to sacrifice your mf. I have 380% mf and still 45% DS.


Fauzt p8 is easy but it's frustrating cuz Trap Rat shitty FHR and its not worth farming for me. If I want to farm fauzt then just reset to Wolf for cakewalk.

Can you showcase your gear please?

XisXisXis Eth Plunderbird.
Undead Crown with 4x Crystal of Tears UMO.
Tainted Shrine Crafted on Light Plate (aim for more than 170% minion damage and %mf)
Tainted Shrine Crafted on Light Plate (aim for more than 110% minion damage and 2%block chance or 1% block chance with %PR)
Rogue Foresight
Lilith's Temptation
Wind Runner Boots
Beads Queen with 4x Marksman's Eye UMO
Giant Knucle
Arush with 4x Marksman's Eye UMO

Because of Plunderbird + Undead Crown carries your damage so other item slots are just for minion damage and dex, %PR. If you want 100% UA then switch armor to SOTS and Deadfall TU belt. MO for %UA. I've tested 100% UA in p8 fauzt but not much faster, just less frustrating.

How do you achieve 3700% EWD? I did what you said, except for marksman's eye UMo, I only had 660% EWD