The Tantrumdin

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Well the main reason for the concern over doing fautz is because i still need to craft my tantrum+proc sacred short war bow. I have 2 rare sacred short war bows, i just need shrines to craft them
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just use ort amok rw for now and unsocket recipe later to shrine craft it

edit: you should be able to farm t fauzt no problem with some easy charms and an amok sacred bow
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Is there anything i can do to deal with the necrobots in t fauzt? They just dont seem to want to die and they make it a little difficult to go through it. Any help is appreciated. Thanks
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alot of elemental dmg makes necrobots sad u have a lot options with end-game gear beads of the snake queen combined with poison resist pierce or swap prebuff with blackened combinet with enemy light resist
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I've been using rare ammy with +19 pof and other below average stats but just found klaatu.. should i switch to klaatu? I feel like pof is very useful for tantrum (and i have good +fire/-fire on other gear)
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Clip? Craft short war bow? SHRINE?
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What you mean exactly?? There are many videos in #1 about doing ubers with this char. You can't watch by bad internet (or anything) or haven't read the whole guide?

About crafting bow check "early game build & gear" section.
We are using Short War Bows, because they make it easy for us to cap our attack animation and the physical damage loss compared to slower bows is negligible.

At max level you will need to gather all types of shrines in order to make a decent craft. I repeat: USE ANY TYPE OF SHRINE TO HAVE BETTER ODDS. This is reasonably easy in Terror Fauztinville, where a full clear nets around 70 shrines. Do 3 full clears, while collecting all the shrines in Vessels to save on stash space. Then start crafting, by taking a rare Sacred Short War bow dropped in Destruction and cubing it with a single shrine until it expires. After you have found a bow which fits the above requirements, bless it by cubing it with an Abandoned Shrine and an Arcane crystal. Then use a Blessed Oil of luck from the Special Box in Terror. Finally Orb it with crushing blow and then any remaining space with attack rating and enhanced damage in that order. Socket with perfect rainbow stones.

In this ladder shrines are really rare so you may take more time to get a good tantrum bow. Also don't forget to pick any rare Short War Bow because it may spawn with tantrum + good stats (Rare items got buffed nice this ladder).
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Hi. We can't make rare from normal/socketed/magic by cube upgrade recipe this ladder.
So I couldn't get rare Short War Bow for crafting. I found 2 decision to get it
1) Buy SU/SSU short war bow and use it for crafting - you can buy it for sigs from nihlatak
2) Take any sacred short war bow you can find, make him normal (catalist of dest+rune+bow in cube) and make Charsi upgrade (imbue) after malus quest completion

Also I found great procs in Quivers this ladder - 20% CtC lvl 50 Cryo Beam on striking. It frezes and pierces everybody around. IMHO it is much better than Hanabigami or Bag of Tricks. I used renewal oils on magic quivers to get it.
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3) or u can buy rare sacred war bows for tg/sigs etc in players store (like mine - got a plenty of them rdy for crafting, and even with tantrum oskill already)...
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Akak_ wrote:3) or u can buy rare sacred war bows for tg/sigs etc in players store (like mine - got a plenty of them rdy for crafting, and even with tantrum oskill already)...

Really, self advertising on a guide for newbies.

Btw, do as uchenick said. Ppl usually charge a LOT for tantrum bows for some reason, and really theyre just gonna sell the godly/good rolls which are worth a lot (and you can do just fine with a meh roll).
Altough Id argue cryo beam quiver is gonna lower your dps since frozen mobs wont walk towards your tantrums, but cryo beam quiv is def better than a non lotteried locust hive and will carry you thru most of the content anyways.

But if youre lazy you can pay for a tantrum bow, yes.