The Tantrumdin

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u can have it for free, whoever was the question starter,
and let it be self advertizing in some way - i dont care about how ppl see it, its enough for me to know that its a good tip
this question is closed for me, will let you have the last word, lol
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I have tried to kill bracy last few days and no luck. I'm already run to him over 40 games and every single time he have magic resist. Why he never spawns without it. Even try now a few times with phase bomb rw boot and those don't cast often but even when it does it makes no difference. Sometime I damage him but usually he heals afterwards. Not once have I damage more than 10-15% of his bar. Even on hatred I can't kill. I don't know how you kill him but mindflay has been useless when I try. I even use shamanka and use exlier for buff. Sucks becasue it took 2 days between trying to farm shrine and trade for them because drop rate so low and when they do its never the one needs.
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What's the damage/-light res on your mightflay? I just killed him the other day with magic resist. It took a long for him to drop his light immune but when he did he took quite a bit of dmg.
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If someone need this peace of laggy shit pm me.
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