"Classic" caster (Lightning/Cold) sorceress

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is this still viable ?
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i think so yeah.

you might need to change the items though. there's probably better options .
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can u let me know how should i allocate skills ?
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It's in guide ;-)
Skills: 1pt moonstrike, all skills 1pt until antimass, all cold and lightning skills 1pt. Then max familiar (in 4-skill increments, but probably does not matter, because you have more than needed skills until +1 max skill lvl charms), warp armor, snow queen, frigid sphere. Remaining points balance between ice elementals and forked lightning (until you hit projectile cap, which will be early). After lvl90 - all skills 1pt, as uber choice pick witchblood.

I tested with my non-ladder copy - it still very viable late game, it can do most ubers alone without problems. Not all, but....