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Bone Archer
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Just want to let you know that its totally possible to level with spear from 1-120 in patch 1.1.2. You just cant really use pounce before 90 because it will deal no damage. But use it to proc fury on great hunt. Just make sure you keep your gear updated. Socket gear with gems to always cap resistances and should be doable. I killed butcher at lvl 110 and death projector at 115 with 2 deaths. Start crafting LL jewels with life and attack speed too since they actually start being helpful when you pounce a big pack.
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Pit Knight
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What pike are you guys using until flame/sssu? or gear in general for that matter
I'm struggling to do TA any more.. not playing for 3 seasons fucked me over I have no idea how to even play lol
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Lion Skull the Bent
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Taha spear
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Bone Archer
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Edit - saw the wrong 6x earth wep
Thanks HohoHaha
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Azure Drake
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Webbhead08 wrote:Would love to see this guide get some updates, the suggested EaEaEaEaEaEa runeword no longer exists for instance

It still exists, and is still the one of the 2 best options for pouncezons.
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What is the merc setup for this build??