The Holy Discodin [Endgame Build]

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Charsi wrote:
Bliyadolubov wrote:
Bliyadolubov wrote:for what fighter mage merc need Creepy Craft

I know the answer. To wear a Khazra plate... The question is why not barb, a dude that benefits from it more and can faster reach its requirements due to his strength grow and mountain king buff. Dont understand to get a merc, equip on it expensive gear just to get an aura. It just pointless with a build that already kills everything that can be killed.

I guess you missed the part about Chronofield and
Endor (Xis)

Runeword Level: 120
25% Chance to cast level 60 Hunting Banshee on Melee Attack
5% Chance to cast level 41 Doom on Melee Attack
+205% Enhanced Damage
+(100 to 125) to Maximum Damage
+(31 to 35)% to Cold Spell Damage
+(31 to 35)% to Poison Spell Damage
Cannot be Unsocketed
Doom Proc. on Melee Atk, which supports this build well since you deal Phys (Inferno) & Magic (Cherubim). Thats actually why I chose act 2 merc primary and not because of equip a Khazra Plate, thats just kinda +1 to optimize. But as you figured out - you no need a Merc at all, so in the end you can chose a Merc you like or stay without. I was just showing off what fits best to support the build. *Regards

No. I dont missed anytning. I was using fighter mage long ago even before MXL 2017. That dude is awesome. Its my fetish in median to make a strong self sustainable merc which makes a feel of an equal party member beside your char like in oldschool rpg.
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Does lifesteal work with Disco inferno? Or does it have to be life on striking or life after each kill?
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Kepy11 wrote:Does lifesteal work with Disco inferno? Or does it have to be life on striking or life after each kill?

Lifesteal does NOT work with Disco Inferno. Striking and after kill WILL work though.
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why would it work? you are not physically hitting anything, just spamming fancy disco balls :D
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generally any character can use demhe RW and eternal RW combo. Its a lot of testing to do with it, a lot of options.
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disco is a wdm skill. it works fine with leech. if you dont see leech its probably because you dont have leech or phys damage to leech from.
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have interesting question: ranged weapons has two damage values, 1st means it would be benefit to all ranged skills and has higher damage numbers, 2nd one with lower numbers only applies to melee skills, its a big difference. The question - does disco inferno counts as ranged skill and would it take highest ranged weapon damage value (throwing axes. knives). Same question to Barb Fortress skill.
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The lower number is counted. You are casting a spell that does weapon damage , not throwing
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Hey, i use :
Battle Rage

Battle Rage
Paladin Helms

Runeword Level: 100
+(0 to 1) to Paladin Skill Levels
25% Attack Speed
Adds 50-83 damage
(10 to 20)% Life stolen per Hit
+(171 to 200)% Enhanced Defense
Elemental Resists +(20 to 25)%
Physical Resist 10%
Scales of the Serpent
Scales of the Serpent
Gothic Plate (Sacred)

Defense: (7481 - 8308) to (9074 - 10078)
Required Level: 100
Required Strength: 614
Item Level: 105
15% Chance to cast level 40 Arachnomancy on Melee Attack
4% Chance to cast level 12 Time Strike on Striking
(31 to 40)% Hit Recovery
+90% Damage to Undead
Adds 200-300 poison damage over 2 seconds
-35% to Enemy Poison Resistance
5% Chance of Crushing Blow
Enhanced Weapon Damage +(25 to 30)%
+(144 to 171)% Enhanced Defense
+100 to Strength
+50 Life on Attack
Socketed (6)
(+ disco relic) do you think that is good choices?
alos whet scroll of helm? lightening arena?
Disco works with ias, not fcr, right?