Act 5 Mercenary Guide

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robinro wrote:
Coldzero wrote:Usually u dont take your merc do the all the killing just to get high mf drop by combining your merc mf to the account.

you do realize that the mf on your merc only works if he is the one killing stuff?

if your char kills stuff: only the mf on char kicks in

if merc kills stuff: merc mf + mf on char kicks in

and its "enhanced weapon damage / armor" and not "enchanted" (just a little typo)

also nice guide, thx for your work.

Can anyone verify this?
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I can
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if it uses the same mechanics as d2 vanilla (which i assume): ... Minions.3F
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LHawkins1 wrote:Edit: if you're making a public guide to help new people out with gearing their A5 mercenary, you should update the ubers section to be much more clear about what you're trying to say instead of, "loses his virginity here"

gotta agree with that one! it was funny and there were couple of grammar mistakes and misspellings here and there but they could be easily fixed.

Didnt knew most of the bugs about the merc I have heard about something similar but didn't believed it because it's so weird... blizzard really has some spaghetti code behind that engine.....