Overkill Throw Barb

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Lava Lord
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(Defense and Damage are without Spirit Guide Buff.)

I've been grinding a bit, farmed a few %Attribute Charms with other characters and stopped putting points into Overkill (19).
Right now it feels like I am close to the point where Damage, Attack Rating and Mana/Life leech synergize extremely well. Also got myself those Abandoned Crafted Gloves (check for yourselfes if they are good or not, they were better than TU imo).

I got 21 pts in Mountain King which are probably not worth it since Daedalus is mostly taking care of Attack Rating and Life, but I don't know where my points would be better at. Maybe getting a second Wolf or more points into Spirit guide for a smooth transition from Runemaster into Dominance.

Currently I am grinding XP to reach 115 and the next tier of Ubers, it's probably worth to farm Creature of Flame for a 5% leech charm.
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Lion Skull the Bent
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Mountain King should be 1pt because you get some benefits on soft points.

Use those points elsewhere in Wolf Stance, more overkill (I've done 20-25 because of mana cost to number of axes but the more axes = more condensed hits per throw, so it depends on your interest). More wolves can be helpful with Spirit Guide because more wolves = more likely to be in range for the buff + more doom damage from their debuff.

Also, check the ZOMG recipe in the cube recipes page. You can make a set of rare gloves ilvl 1 before crafting and not lose much. You can make basically those same gloves but lvl 40 requirement for an extra ~50 levels of MO space.
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Lava Lord
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Crash wrote:I don't know that a throwbarb will work well once you get to the tier that prevents leech. You can run GD with deathgaze really nicely though too. The throwbarb set is honestly a nice set with the blast nova proc and 400 ewd.

That (and my lazyness) was one of the reasons I didn't brothered to go futher in labs tiers.
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Crash wrote:I don't know that a throwbarb will work well once you get to the tier that prevents leech.

I doesnt prevent leech, it just gives enemies leech resistance, so you leech less.
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Johnny Impak
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Why investing so much in Ancient Blood ? Max life comes on soft points and attack speed is not that hard to reach correct breakpoint on.

On the other end Spirit Guide seems like a better option.