Overkill Throw Barb

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MagnuS wrote:
antonius wrote:Hello everyone, I would like to do manitou runeword but I am not undecided whether to use a normal weapon or wait to find it eth. Tips?


Thanks for the reply, I did not know this object and it seems nice to me, I will buy it. Now I use griefbringer eth with various jewels for the leech but I am curious to try this weapon that you recommended me. Are there other differences with the recommended items on the list?
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i was willing to respec for this build.. but it seems alot of info is missing .. like what about MO what should i put on items and what to put on sockets ?! im using a TLDR 2H barb .. and swapped just for the big hunter game axe and shield and gives me alot of more tankyness... but im kinda noob on median yet and ear ppl talking about alot of builds (eagle scream etc) that i cant find anywhere or updated.. if there is anyone experienced on barb willing to give me some tip's would be nice..
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