Overkill Throw Barb

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What crafts should i use?
Iam at that point that my gear is shitty but my level is high.
I can farm Toraja and 3kba with some ease, but everything else is destroying me at the moment.

What shrines do you recommend using? Where can i farm for SU's besides Athulua?
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Running this build and I'm really enjoying it so thanks for the guide! I do have a question about mana: I run low, especially on bosses, is there something you use to over come this? I currently have 5% mana leech on my ring. I even put 25% mana regen on both rings and my ammy. Should I be MOing mana regen or do I just need more mana leech?
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nice guide. Quick question, what do you do as your mana regen/leech/on attack source? from items? MO? or just mana regen rune (Sur?) Thanks.
I am just having some issue keeping up with super maxed overkill skill
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I paid 10$ for this.
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While the Pro's /Con's are better readable now, the uber section still lacks something. For example when I scroll down, I can't exactly pinpoint the Triune uber in an instant. The key notes like that have to be easily visible to make the reading for the other people a lot easier. Always remember that people following a guide don't just read it once. No, they regularly come back to continue reading when they are stuck somewhere, so making important information like that easily accessible makes a guide go from bad to good.

Just changing the color for the uber names would already be really helpful so people following this guide won't have to re-read the whole wall of text just to find out information about a single uber. You could also change the size of the uber names so it's even easier to see, or seperate the ubers, or use the horizontal ruler:
in order to clearly seperate sections from each other.
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what runes do you recommend to use in this build?
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hi, quick question: what MO's do you use and what socked fillers?
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Lai or Ko/Io for runes is best I think. Maybe Lai.
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Hey I found: Ethereal
Throwing Axe (Sacred)

(Barbarian Only)
Required Level: 100
Required Strength: 402
Item Level: 105
Stampede Cooldown Cannot be Reduced Below 0.8 seconds
50% of Strength Added as Lightning Damage to Weapon
Adds 375-(1200 to 1350) lightning damage
-20% to Enemy Lightning Resistance
+(5 to 15) to Bear Claw Nova
Slow Target 10%
Elemental Resists -20%
Socketed (2)
and was wondering what exactly I need to do with this Ethereal weapon?
I am new to MXL and any help would be appreciated :)

Loving my throw barb so far great guide :)
Monkey King
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Hi, I fell in love with this build and I would like to take it forward, I don't have a lot of experience in median and I need a helping hand. I have problems with the ar and with the maximum resistances: we have no objects that make them go up and the use of runemaster limits to the runes only the management of the resistances. I would also like to know that I use both in the weapon and in the armor; I'm undecided whether to put hit recovery everywhere
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Hey, I'm a bit new to Median xl and have tried 4 builds so far, but this is absolutely my favorite!!! I had a quick question though, my last build was a hammerzon and it was extremely tanky, but damage was slow and clunky. Will this build be a bit tankier towards late game or will this be a glass cannon type build?