Shuriken Ssin

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Notes on how offhands work will be included in the FAQ

I can't find how offhands work in the FAQ. :Q
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That's being added shortly. Forgot to update the post for a bit.
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Just started playing with this build, just passing 100. I enjoyed it in M17. I'm worried about damage scaling without good crafts, but that seems to be a common theme with many builds. Not many TUs or RWs available with PMSD, many are non-assassin exclusives.

You say that two parts of the
Universal Law
Universal Law
Assassin Psychic Set

Killing Vector
World Line
Dead Lens
Quantum Bevel

Set Bonus with 2 or more set items:
+10% to Physical/Magic Spell Damage
Set Bonus with 3 or more set items:
+2 to Assassin Skill Levels
Set Bonus with 4 or more set items:
+500 to Life
Set Bonus with complete set:
+4 to Assassin Skill Levels
+15% to Physical/Magic Spell Damage
+60 to Orb of Annihilation
+3000 to Mana
Elemental Resists +25%
Physical Resist 5%
+100 Life after each Kill

are worthless and the whole set itsn't worth it, but I've always been curious about the Orb of Annihilation oskill. Is it any good?