Median XL Offline Tools v0.5.1

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DacianDraco wrote:
anhlong1122 wrote:
DacianDraco wrote:
anhlong1122 wrote:how do I open shared stash with offline tools? all I see is the private statsh

I think in the bottom part there is something you need to click to generate shared stash, or maybe just right click an item and selecting move to shared stash should create it. Mine is already there and i don't remember exactly how i enabled it.

I think I generated it but cant seem to find it in game...

It's not in game, it's offline cause it's offline tools, it's basically an infinite mule not actually plugy.

I understand what you meant now, I thought I saw somebody with ingame shared statsh
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anhlong1122 wrote: I thought I saw somebody with ingame shared statsh

it was possible before Sigma