1h Melee Necro (Dagger & Dex)

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Azure Drake
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An A5 Merc can survive dunc and fautz and can give you mark of the wild, bloodlust (qaraks will) and a fullscreen stun. + whatever amu curse you equip him
Dark Huntress
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Hello to all. Can you tell me what skill build is the best? Do i have to max Embalming, Death Pact, Deathward, Deathlord? Or put skillpoints to Resurgence for more def, dragon fire for more damage? What combination os skills grants more profit?
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Pit Knight
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just go to 1st page and check your self what the fuck.
Dark Huntress
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FuriousBEAR wrote:just go to 1st page and check your self what the fuck.

For other normal people, the question is the same about skill build.
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Stone Warrior
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Can you add a section for merc please? would like to know what merc and gear you use.
Jungle Hunter
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Created a complete character guide
See link below for merc info. I never use a merc (gimping myself I know) but I find them to die too fast in most scenarios.

AAADrummer wrote:
thysick wrote:Im using A2 shspeshifter... if i use A5... any merc gear somwhere

Whoops - yeah sorry. I'm using the 2H Melee necro guide's merc.


Similar playstyle to dagger so I figured the merc would be exactly the same. It's suited me well. I'm currently using the "early game" setup for A5 merc. It doesn't live very long against uber bosses but, again, it plows through everything else.
Acid Prince
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Have an eth defiler. Is it really not best to socket and MO it with %damage?