Totem Hybrid Necromancer

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Grasshopper wrote:Update. I could not get 90% but I tried with resist 88, 86, 86, 88 and damage reduction at 151. Also absorb charm. It is almost impossible for this character. It would take years and more gold than I can store to buy portals and health potions.
It is very annoying because this charm is very good for this build so making the monster destroy minions instantly like this is not very good game design in my opinion.

This build is one of the best for judgment day. It's a bit different in current patch than what the guide has right now, but you only need the base
Crystalline Flame Medallion
Crystalline Flame Medallion
Keep in Inventory to Gain Bonus
Required Level: 120
+1 to Summon Edyrem
Cold Absorb 10%
Lightning Absorb 10%
Fire Absorb 10%

for the absorb. Don't need to upgrade it yet if you don't want.

Edit: maybe I was confused. This build is good for Judgment Day, but just needs a tweak for Quov Tsin. You'll just get the appropriate stats and then just nuke him slowly (or quickly if you have good pierce) with Funeral Pyre. Avoid the bone spears too.
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Ah no problem, it is not always easy reading what people write on here :)

I found Quov Tsin very difficult to how it was before the patch, I tried to see the new layout as being the same - although there are no walls, he still cannot shoot over the angles so there may as well be walls. So it is similar in a sense.

But his behaviour seems different. He blinks frequently to a 'joining place' very often. Where two corridors intersect. And that means he is shooting at you for a very long time before you can get in range whatever direction you come at him.

Also he sometimes teleports to the area where you come in, where there is no hiding place. Just have to make a new game when that happens because he will kill me so many times before I can make him blink to another place.