Totem Hybrid Necromancer

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You should be using some magical crafts by the time you're trying destruction Fauztinville as well, though there isn't really a reason to be there in Destruction since you don't need any of the Great Runes for the gear setup. Terror Fauztinville can be done with Honorifics, but you need to make sure you're teleporting often. That's the build gets its survivability -- teleport often and allow your minions to stay on top of you and absorb the damage, which is why you're able to use Jinn comfortably for the extra pierce.

Howling totem and Death's Fury Totem are more for the other necromancer build that does a similar concept -- shitload of minions but relies on merc to clear everything. Otherwise, just the crushing blow from Howling Totem can benefit summons since it's a % chance to take away a % of the enemy's current HP on hit, regardless of how much damage they actually do. If you've followed the gear and skill plan and general gameplay as it's written, you should be okay to do quite a bit with just honorifics, even. It sounds like you need to teleport a bit more often to help keep minions stacked up (especially in fauztinville, shoot boneyard like 2 times then teleport, repeat) and need to start some early magical crafts to build up your minion resist and HP. Good start so far though.