Melee Sorceress [1.3]

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I checked, 117 FHR / 194k AR. I'm gonna try lightning/fire variant and maybe try to get some crafts tomorrow.
edit: actually I tried warp armor and it helps, though life is low so almost every hit is now oneshot. Will try tomorrow with more life. If I can get to at least 14k+ life while keeping avoidance should be manageable. Warp armor gave enough breathing room to sometimes use abilities.
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I give up. Fuck this boss design. After fighting her for 1.5 hours, getting her to 30% she just healed to 70% mid fight for no fucking reason, I just went away from her to remake moon cookies and after I returned she had 70% hp.

Anyway, strategy that worked the best for me is to get to her, hit wyrd, around 80% of the time it does nothing (she probably has avoid), then immediately spawn blade spirit near her so she stops spamming walls/projectile spells and instead it guarantees she uses nova and almost guarantees that she won't dodge purify, then hit her with purify and run away from nova. Discovered it at around 60% and went until 30% with almost no deaths, but then she healed and I have absolutely no desire to continue playing mxl ever.
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dude all bosses heal when you stay in town for long and did you know that atanna khan heals when you get killed by a standby witch?
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New style of play that I know. That so good
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@Demonik Believe me, Witch is shit compares to Uldysian final fight.. Yes the fight is tedious since it takes a lot of time, death and TPs cyle with only redeeming quality is the Witch's cool looking neonlight skills. The Witch fight may requires some map rerolling because of the fact that more mini witches around the Boss means you'll die more frequently and there's more chance for the Witch to heal; so remmember to reroll the map with the lowest ammount of miniwitches . In my experience, she rarely heal herself to full hp unless u afk for >5 mins and u (or ur summoning) die too frequently by the mini witches near the boss. Also, the reason why u die so many time is that u're standing too far from the boss. Idk if it's D2 visual bug or realm desync but when u stay too far from enemies, some of their ranged skill become invisible (This is a major problem when u deal with Samael, his Pentagram skill sometime goes invis from offscreen which mean u just gonna die without knowing what killed u).
-On the side note, having Force Blast active all the time (-50% Witch's damage) and equipping
Cloak of Flames
could keep ya survive stronk.
-Strategy: Before the fight, make sure to spawn Red Portal near some Waypoint for convinient since u could die unexpectedly when fighting and forgot to TP (Note: It's best to have someone to hold your TP for a smooth tryhard session; DO NOT spawn Red Portal at the end of the Desolated Road where u get the portal aura from Dark Wanderer). At the fight, there's not much to say,just repeat the cycle of : Spamming 3-4 Wyrd (to make sure Slow and OW applied; yeah, even with 95% cth, its hitbox is somehow dogshit) while dodging left and right, then Purify. Make sure the Witch is debuffed with Force Blast all the time too. Don't bother Teleport past over Witch's Orange Os Nova, just walk back 3-4 step then TP to town wait 2s then go back.
-Skill: Max Fire and Lighting passive (I would not recommend using Miasma or Poison tree at all cuz it could make the Witch teleport like crazy); 1Pts Chronofield; 7pts Moon Cookie, 1or more pts on Force Blast, 5pts or more on Black Panther (the Cat has nothing to do with the fight being harder as u mention earlier :-? )
(Side note: More +Sk = Less CD time on 'Wyrd')
-Item: Weapon with >30% Slow mod (Void RW or AbandCrafted with +SK for more goodness but could take forever to get 1);
Epicenter (Xis)

Runeword Level: 120
(0.125 per level)% Chance of Crushing Blow (Based on Character Level)
+(203 to 231)% Enhanced Defense
Maximum Life (25 to 30)%
Cannot be Unsocketed
Boots for more HP,
Cloak of Flames
Body Armor is crucial (1% chance to Heal 100% HP but don't ever underestimate this, The Witch's Purple Square Barrier deals multihit in short frame so it proc that 1% Heal very often which keep u alive longer.)
(Side note: aside from FHR, you kinda need UIA too, which prevent u from getting interupted (fail) to cast Purify while the Witch keep spamming her Purple Square Barrier. Also, u can MO ur RipStar rings with %Buff/Debuff time for less skill switching stuff.
Have fun grinding!
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duysir0 wrote:@Demonik Believe me, Witch is shit compares to Uldysian final fight..

I did uldyssian on 2nd* attempt (forgot about 1st one where I went to him without slow weapon, doesn't really count anyway) with almost no deaths. I don't see how uldysian is worse. It's long, but nowhere near as long or obnoxious as witch. Also I have like 30 or 40% UIA, don't remember. Also my strategy was better, I was going from 60 to 30% with almost no deaths and quite steadily (with my strategy I managed to stop her from spamming walls and her projectile spell had a huge spread, downside is she constantly uses nova, but it's easy to dodge, seems to be on cooldown and completely predictable) until that fucking bitch just healed for no fucking reason to 70%. I don't know what the fuck was it, I just went like 2 screens away to make some moon cookies, which took maybe 30-40 seconds, and when I returned she had 70% (not 100% like last time, which as far as I understood was because I was in town for too long).

On a note about uldyssian - I didn't even have dementia and didn't use wyrd, I just applied slow/ow with fusillade, so I didn't have 100% uptime on ow, still was easy as hell, just long due to ow uptime. And 2nd phase was even easier than first due to his retarded AI.

Also I'd like to have fun, but fights that rely on random oneshots, random bullshit zones (I spent 3 hours rerolling witch zone and best I've got is arena with 4 witches, usually I had 6), purify to make sure you damage is completely irrelevant, unkillable enemies so make you desync even more is no fucking fun.
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Yeah, Uldy is a lot easier than Witch. Uldy fight isn't hard, it just tricks you into thinking it's hard because of how long it takes (illusion of difficulty).

Regarding the need for map rerolling, you can try luring the Witch to a crossroads without mini-Witches. It's a pita and you'll die a few times doing it, but it may save you some time by avoiding the hassle of map rerolling.

You can also try a crafted bow with Arrow Swarm oskill and %Slows Target, orbed with AR+IAS and socketed with P-Amethysts for more AR. Arrow Swarm has a shorter range than Wyrd, and you'll lose OW from Akarat shield, so you may want Ripstar or Hammerfist for higher OW chance, but you may find Arrow Swarm easier to use. Sorc attack speed with a bow is really fast, for some reason.

Demonik wrote:I'd like to have fun, but fights that rely on random oneshots, random bullshit zones (I spent 3 hours rerolling witch zone and best I've got is arena with 4 witches, usually I had 6), purify to make sure you damage is completely irrelevant, unkillable enemies so make you desync even more is no fucking fun.

Agreed. Unfortunately, there are severe limitations to what the D2 engine can do. So sometimes, all the devs can do is bombard you with bullshit. I'm sure it's a constant struggle for them trying to balance novelty and difficulty, considering the game engine's limitations. But with all the work Whist has been doing with the Sigma core, I have hope for the future.
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:) probably it's preference but imo I find Witch is easier since she doesn't cast SA neither summon meatshields with more SA shield and having 50% deathtrike proc when killed. I agree that Uldy 1st Phase is easy, takes around 15-20 mins with possibly no death, but when it comes to the 2nd phase when he starts running away, trying to Purify while keeping him slowed and ow with Wyrd is truly miserable . Assumming we all gonna fight him in the top left corner (or it's just me dumbass lol?), having no 100TG SSSU Belt, I don't see how u can rely on Fusilade? The CD timer makes it barely usable with Purify .Even at max pts, CD time is 4 sec and seeking range is 8 yard. With 8 yard range, you have to stay super close to Uldy and he casts SA from when u r 15 yard away lol. One Fusilade can't even kill 4-6 Edyrems , not to say apply OW and Slow to Uldy.. but u have somehow make it all happen, to kill most edyrem so to get more window to slow,ow and then purify the motherfucker with superhuman run speed. So for Slow and OW, I'm stuck with using Wyrd. Don't get me wrong, Wyrd looks nice and cool, but it just doesn't work out for me. Put aside the shitty hitting mechanic, Wyrd also shares the CD time with with Purify. So lets say u managed to apply OW and slow to the boss after 3 Wyrds, then oops, the boss teleports away or he just cast a casual immunity buff mid purify (or it's just me can't aim properly with my pepehands).You then, can't do anything for the next 5s ;U can't even recast Wyrd to reapply OW and slow. So by the time Purify comes up, OW and slow has probably already worn out and packs of edyrem are summoned ,so u just basically go looping the vicious circle of nonstop Wyrd spamming all the while deparately hoping that your precious 5Sec CD-time purify actually hit the boss while other shits happening on screen (Edyrem block, Uldy jiggling to dodge ur Purify with Flash speed, and shitty realm desync stuff...). Luckily, I managed to get myself 1 Patriot Missile CoTW which save me from all the bs those bosses gives.
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On second phase just spam Edyrems on top of him. His dumbass AI will just run into a corner and do nothing other than melee your edyrems. Then just go into melee and moonstrike him to slow and purify. If he kills your edyrems - summon new ones. If he deathstikes - just run away. His melee won't oneshot you - it does around 10k I think and will rarely hit you, most of the time he'll just target Edyrems. He'll almost never summon his own Edyrems and when he does - just use Fusillade and run away from deathstrikes. Occasionally his teleport on hit will proc and he'll start running away - just summon more edyrems on top of him to distract him from running away. If he uses his shield - just summon more Edyrems on top of him to distract him so he can keep doing more important stuff, like meleeing your Edyrems. And first phase is also extremely easy because of his dumbass AI, because when he decides to melee you - he'll just follow you around until he hits you or until he hits a wall or until you proc his teleport on hit. So just run away from him using fusillade to kill edyrems and apply slow to uldy, when he decides to melee you (you'll notice that because he stops spamming edyrems or using deathstrike and will just chase you) - start kiting him avoiding making him run into obstacles, while using purify on him. Occasionally use fusillade (try to time it in a way to make as few blades hit him as possible to avoid proccing his teleport). If you procced his teleport or fucked up and run him into obstacle - just kill edyrems and dodge deathstrikes until he starts chasing you again. If you have a consistent way to apply OW on 1st phase you can probably do that fight in 15 minutes (probably only Dementia, I don't know if there is anything else and I don't know how much better Dementia oskill is compared to Wyrd, since I don't have it). Also I used Miasma a lot on 1st phase until I deal with his Edyrems to slow everything down.

And as I said - I found a way to abuse witch AI too and would've killed her most likely, I just don't want to after that bullshit heal.

Uploaded some showcase:
► Phase 1 with Fusillade only

► Phase 1 with Wyrd

► Phase 2

I cut 5 minute segments, because this is extremely long fight and 2nd phase went longer this time because uldy decided to be a bitch and constantly teleported around, including twice into middle of the arena, where it's hard to fight him with my strategy and I also constantly pressed wrong buttons after playing other games.
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i just got the sleep charm, which trophy should I cube it with?