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Is mana sorc still viable with valthek??
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Phroximus wrote:Is mana sorc still viable with valthek??

It is, if you want your Mana Sweep to be your main clearing abilites, like, 3 casts in quick succession wipes a screen of creeps in Fauzt
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Hrishi wrote:...

Caps on Mana

Some more quirkiness with mana, the total amount of +mana you can have on a single piece of gear is 1897, no more.

The total cap on your mana pool is 65535k. Anything above that loops around and brings your mana down to 0 on the client, so you cannot display any values above that. This results in some issues like it thinking you do not have the mana to cast a spell, for example. Also, 50k mana is the cap for Mana Sweep, you cannot get further damage above a mana pool of 50k with that skill.


I played Arcane Torrent Druid this season and I wanted to add a little information about how mana values above 2^16 -1 are handled.
The displayed value in the bulb does in fact roll over and shows the actual current mana - 2^16 and therefor the displayed damages of Mana Sweep and AT are bugged, too. The current mana is set to actual current mana - 2^16 and the lost mana is set to 2^16 (actually 50k cause it is the cap).
The dealt damage on the other hand is calculated correctly.
That means if you can overgo the value of 2^16 by a decent amount - so that casting spells is actually possible - you can raise your AT Damage to pretty high values.
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I don't know about you guys but after dumping 240 charges of Spiritual shrines onto a sacred Jared's stone I can't see it ever being better than T4 Narlant Dream.