Barbarian, The Lazy Conqueror

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If you are not using summons as main spell or even damage, then I would not consider it a summoner. A hybrid does seem more suitable though
Thunder Beetle
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Thanks for making the guide. Even if something similar was done 7 years ago AND someone streamed it in a recent ladder, it still helped me understand how to equip my merc...
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yeah i managed to craft this wpn (based on your advice) and baelfire rapes on its own. Plus all the other procs you can have make act5 barb insane killer.


Only problem is keeping him alive in dunc on a char without non-timered teleport ability.
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You have Spirit Walk to save him and you from barrels and focus+Tslam also helps. With 200k def and 50 dr from Bear Stance this is not problem.