Unholy Melee Paladin [105-120/125 content in TU's]

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akbugger wrote:
I understand the importance of having a "starter" character ; just feel UHM is a bad choice for that. While the guide indeed says:
" Tiered uniques will carry you up to some 125 ubers easily without even farming for signets. This includes all Rifts." - I dont think is true; maybe it was before but if you wanna farm Dunc u won't be doing it in TUs. My guess is a low geared UHM cant farm even K3K at any efficency, let alone melee mobs in Dunc.

I think this is more about game knowledge and experience. I can definetly get much further in basic gear than newbies, gear alone will not carry a build. Take it slow and dont charge in head first into danger, kite and dodge when needed. Manual dodging and kiting is so underrated in this game, people think they can facetank everything like in clod. Sure, it is gonna be a bit slower if you dont just mow down everything with a swing, but at least you wont be dying every other minute.
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can somebody suggest lab items for uhm
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Thx for your guide: I just wonder it's still viable for this version.
I just want to farm till duncg and 120~125 uber bosses.
Is it possible with this guide or do I need extra gears like crafting?