Annihilator, Orb of Annhilation Necromancer (oskill build)

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A mix between summons and totem is good for naked starts..
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gkgktmd wrote:nice guide!

and one question

how i level this char until use OOA?

some advice?or recommendation?


I wouldn't recommend doing this from the start. there are a few reasons why.
1. you will need a high amount of stat points for all of your gear.
2. most of your gear has minimum lvl required. A sacred necromancer shield requires 446 dex alone. Even if you factor in -% requirement orbs that is still a lot of dex and that means less energy. Same with sacred boots/sash/gloves. (

I followed Nyxias's guide from here viewtopic.php?t=35855 it is a pure summoner guide but it makes getting to 115 super easy. After I hit 115 i had enough points to change, but I would still suggest a stat ap reset at 120 anyway since you will gain many more charms that will help up your strength and dex so you will have more points to dump into energy.

I would also suggest using - requirement orbs if you are using a sacred eerie belt/boots/and necro shield. After using MF orbs of course. lowering the strength requirement means less points wasted in strength and more for energy. Another poster had this idea in the thread earlier and it makes perfect sense.

if you look at my necro shield (it's not great i know) i used lem crafted jewels with minus requirements and -% requirement orbs instead of um runes and it lowered the dex requirement from 456 or so to 177.


Right now I have 30,000 mana and i'm only using crafted and easily obtained pieces, and my shield isn't even eerie crafted. I could have much more mana once I get better gear.
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My comment on mid-level players: spirit walker boots are not on the market, petulant body armor is only a choise for 25% ms and adre rush rings are rare as well. In short, this endgame gear is hard to get for the average player. Therefore speed is not your armor and survivablilty will remain an issue. Fortunatley there are many armors to choose from, petulant for its speed w/o adre rush rings is quite pointless. Dont hesitate if you have to put lessay 100-200 pt to streght: for energy you still have enough.
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So I've been planning on doing this build for the new season, so I just made one with a fresh character using all self found items and no twink gear, and I will say it's quite possible to do it with TU's and minimal crafted gear. I was able to switch from a totem leveling build at about 115, just in time to farm Kurast.

The build for sure doesn't start until you get a Sacred Wand, remember Charsi can make rare items from the quest reward so you can make any non unique work.

Skills: Just like the post suggests.
Stats: Same, get Str and Dex covered, all else in Energy (my first respec was around 190 points into Str and Dex each.)

Weapon: Shrine crafted wand with OoA. Don't worry about anything else, just use the first one with OoA you get.
Necro Shield: Shrine crafted, + Mana tide totem, that's it.
Helm: Eulenspiegel RW - +2 All skills and 21 - 25% to Energy. Socket with 2% Energy jewels if you have them.
Body Armor: Queen of Glass TU - Hugh flat mana, cast speed, good resists.
Belt: Aerin Orbiter TU - Not many good choices, this one is ok until you can Shrine Craft something better.
Gloves: Pollice Verso TU / Honorific Gloves - The mana back on kill is decent but slightly underwhelming. Honorifics is probably better, just do +Energy and whatever else you need to fill the gaps.
Boots: Lionpaw - Nothing to write home about but helps with stats and flat mana early on.
Amulet: Rare +3 All skills, flat mana, MF, MO all jewelery with mana regen and MF
Rings: Rares +1 All skills, MF, flat mana, energy. [This is ideal, a good method is find a blue +1 all skill ring and MO it with whatever you need]

Sockets: Use Perfect gems to fill your resist gaps, then everything else use Perfect Topazes or Um runes.
MO's: Put Energy on all your armor, then fill in the FHR, resists, FC gaps. LAEK is good for your weapon, because health recovery is kinda bad with this build.

With this set up you should be in the 9.5 - 10k mana pool area. It's a bit slow at first but just keep moving with your mana tide totems and you can fire once every 4-6 seconds, which will still wipe all 110 - 115 mobs with one shot. Once you get Summon Edyrems then the game starts going way faster, as you're able to keep a wall of meat in front of you. Tegaze really is amazing with this build. I farmed 120 - 125 here alone and got 3 full Xis runes rocking ~200 total MF. The upgraded Outlaw boots are incredible for this build, and should be the first big piece of gear you grind for.

Hope this helps any looking to try this.
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How many dmg have orb annihilation? in 1.3 fix dmg, who know now this actualy?
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I just got one to roll +40 on a wand and without any + All Skills gear on or in inventory it sits at 9800. With +3 to All skills it sits at 11k, which is still good to start the build at. I'm not sure what the change actually did since my prepatch character started at 11k as well.
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this is good)))
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Sorry but maybe Im missing something...
How we deal with lower hp because we cannot get hp back after killing monsters.
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vutd1122 wrote:Sorry but maybe Im missing something...
How we deal with lower hp because we cannot get hp back after killing monsters.

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I'd like to thank everyone using this guide. met 3 of you guys @ sinwar this season. much love