Annihilator, Orb of Annhilation Necromancer (oskill build)

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Avoid wrote:
Meekerton wrote:Has anyone played this this seaon? could i get your armory link and your general feeling of how its going? i've always wanted to try this build, but it seems really hard to get it to feel good. thanks

I love this build, it's quite squishy for fautzinville but teganze and duncraig it just destroys, I can make a quick video of them all if you want? do note I haven't hit my FHR breakpoint yet, I just made the char a few days ago. I am 130 atm. You don't need the sacred uniques I have goettia plate or royal circlet, I just had the body armor laying around and the circlet is great for MF, just use shrine crafts.

I use a 74% MF wand without LAEK for duncraig/teganze, and heal with pots / 100 regen on body armor
And for cows for shrine/gems farming I use a LAEK wand so I can just carelessly run around without using pots.

I have a question though for others, is there any reason to reach 200% FCR breakpoint? There's no way I can spam with my mana regen even with the breakpoint before that

200 fcr is optional for pure OoA I suppose, though the last breakpoint yields the biggest return. If you want to take the build into fauzt, you need 200 fcr and you need to use Dream Eater. The build works quite smoothly in fauzt when set up properly. 30% dr is the bare minimum I would use