Totem Barb

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You can totally make it work, just not focus on all damage types.
You can tranfer a lot of damage to a3 merc (abjurer mainly, best aoe and damage).
For elemental band spells, hive and path of flames is doing most work, lightning can be pretty much ignored.
So that leaves you with two elements to stack pierce, fire and poison. There is xis knife with -30-60 both. Overall stacking those two is doable.
Frost totem I'd just drop it from the build, it has too small aoe, and compared what a3 merc is doing, its really not worth it. Even path of flames beats it imo. Merc is basically doing 80-90% of killing, path and hive is doing the rest.
It is still totem barb because you use elemental totems.
Now trick you can do, use jitans sword + yul shield for very high +ele totem (18 + 26), and then use wizards path boots, but mainly so you can keep the sword + shield on switch, and when you swich back to another weapon set, totems wont die, and you gonna have like level 90 elemental totem or something crazy. Then you can grab some funny -res items even those two knives -60 fire/poison, and really get good pierce for your both spells.
Alternative is to you totem on main switch, and 2x motw axe to manually boost merc even more, but thats worse option overall.
For barbs spell power, you use str factor gloves, and drop the veil king helm for headbanger (another +150str factor).
You still teleport around, shit explodes, while you feel pretty much immortal, you have totems on you, so it is kinda totem barb, elemental totems bonus is around 400% with all the gear and charms.