Mercenary Info (Skills & Stats)

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Marco wrote:the "cost" images could be removed as they dont provide anything useful

Sure! Thank you for the response

Elendilli wrote:Should note that Superbeast on A3 merc only lasts about 10 seconds until he recasts it.

Okay I'll add it.
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InvokeList wrote:
Crash wrote:99% sure the A1 Priestess "Pew Pew Pew" is not Limpet Laser, nor does it show cold damage in the merc sheet damage + she isn't a spell caster, so you'd have to try to figure out what skill is actually being used.

Nice information to start a guide though, it seems really bulky. Maybe there's a way to condense into shorter sections or have a navigation menu at the top to jump to certain mercs quickly. I would try to add small descriptions for each merc explaining their use, such as "Use this strong, tanky melee char for ranged chars with low defense/resists to help take aggro hits ahead of you" or something.

Good job so far, keep going.

Thank you, I really wanna know the skill name of it, I plan to put a navigation link at the top, but I can't seem to make it work, I'll figure it out soon.

Its deathstrike
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It was much needed to have a summary/overview like this imo, thanks for your work! Keep it up!
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Some heroes don't wear capes. Thanks for compiling & posting!
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Please add which items can be equipped by each merc and a list of which stats (from gear) actually apply (eg vit no, life yes).

If you (or anyone else) have any info on things like merc attack rating, I would really appreciate it.
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Remeber to add info that every mercenary after being hired, revived or entering a new game needs to be "activated". What that mean is Merc needs to hit/kill couple weak monsters first to release their full power. Its good to go to some easy lvl such as hell act1 cold plains and let him kill couple mobs. You will see a huge difference in Merc dmg when he is activated. If you will not activate the Merc before going to uber areas there is a big chance they will be killed by first enemies.

Other than that good job :)
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Have some good personal advises how to make mercs survive longer and hit harder. On all melee mercs i put CHAM boots, they give a lot of defence and total char defence, after MO it with defence and TCD those boots launches merc defence to sky (about 60k defense is anough to live at most uber areas). Also melee mercs likes AS a lot, because of that they use their skills more often, so dont forget to MO weapons with AS and put jevels with AS. My A5 merc setup is - shroud royal, Unique t4 assault helm/FAL barb helm, visegrip (those gloves are very stronk), deadfall, bull kathos theaching barb sword or Unique t4 great sword (lately change to crafted great sword) MO helm, chest, boots with defence, TCD, other parts only with TCD, then strenght in all, and some break points in left space (FHR) Weapon MO with E.Damage, flat damage, AS, 1-2 MO % leech. Fill all sockets with KO runes/perfect diamons. in weapons Ko runes to bull kathos/JAH runes to great sword. Alternative setup is MAL belt to melee merc, it gives 25% immolation bomb proc after taking damage. Strenght on A5 merc gives life regen (so you may put it up to a point when barb merc outregen all damage) also it gives strenght factor (its like energy factor but scales from strenght) it means that spell damage procs would make some use to barb merc.
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After the new patch, I noticed that the A2 shapeshifter has a lvl 3 skill called "-call ken", anyone knows what this is?
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so does the act 3 . i guess it's a bug