Holy Melee Paladin [FULL PHYS] STR/DEX

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PizzaGater wrote:
Abbadon810 wrote:Hello,

stupid question, but where did i find the vindicate skill,i searched all the tabs but didint find it. Thanks

it is the innate skill of your character, it grows with your level. check the right click box skills to see it

ahhh thanks
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Best build I ever played man, very nice guide too.
I got lucky and got full Cinadide's Set and it is an HUGE boost! Colosseum is hands down my favourite skill, I lost count to how many times it saved my ass and the debuff is the cherry on top, the way that it slows down mobs and some bosses is so satisfying, it really helps to melt them all down.

I wanted to thank you for this massive build, I've been following this guide for years and so far still my favourite build!

Nice job and keep up the good work!
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I don't think thats supposed to be felblood. Feltongue maybe?
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In mid-end game, which set should I use: paladin honor set or set with cherubim skill? Also, please show me your skills in end game.

Thanks very much.
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Would you just dump pure str (or dex, depending on build) into the wormhole ?
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Good guide! I want to ask how strong it is in version 2.1
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zhaoge wrote:Good guide! I want to ask how strong it is in version 2.1

I played both phys and fire version and both were strong, fire having better dps while phys better survivability. Finished all 115 ubers on HC in Tu's with fire version without much hassle,and i could farm dunc with few crafts. Cherubim isnt really neded untill late game so retaliate did great job there(dunc). And this build has good skills and strong items to transition into lategame.
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It's possible play with some points invested (SSF) in dex for AR and not permacasting solar flare? I'm not interested in max block, only in get the ar from dex... Some time ago I play with barbarians, and I always put 250 points in dex for solve ar issues...It's possible play in the same style for paladin, untwinked, from level 1 to end game?
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I play without solarflare fine. Wouldnt play it with that. I have full amethysts in weapon and wind runners boots + athula oracle amu and doing just fine at fautzvile curently. I followed guide but had to make some changes for fautz, max retaliate, max holy fire and max elemental wisdom to help kill necrobots. The set is really nice tho.