Caster Druid

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Tokkie wrote:U sure about this Eerie craft druid helm? (i use hawk helm), item level 99, but not anywhere near what u mentioned in ur guide. Have spent now 16 shrines and getting the idea it is just a waste of shrines?

The gearing section is not 100% accurate. Have to work on some stuff.
So here it is: Innate max pierce affix is 25 on a Druid Helm. So max pierce with sacred craft + Bless is 35. But max pierce with Eerie is the 25 from innate affix.
As starter craft look for 15+ pierce and 3 or more Druid skills + nice Eerie rolls. Bless with whatever you need more and use Thai Runes to cap the pierce if still necessary. The GG Eerie craft rolls 20+ pierce, 25+ sd, and 4 Druid skills and high ED.

Philby wrote:I've finally managed to grab the full Lone Wolf set. I've follower the skillplan but I find the acid fiends super weak. They pop like balloons in Dunc, and I spend my time recasting them.
What would you recommand to keep them alive? Poison flash for 15% life ? MOing +minions life? Other?
Also do you make any use of the Firedance oskill granted by the set? I guess it's more for bossing, as it forces you to be static...
Thanks again for this great guide, gives plenty of options.

Firedance is really good boost for bossing, yeah:
For the weak fiends: put only 20 points into Fiends itself for capping regen from Symb. maybe even only 26 points in HB for the missile breakpoint. IN the Laek Passive only that many points that you feel comfy with the Laek...
That leaves some points for Poison Flash to boost the Fiends HP. you can balance them between Fiends and PF to get maximal HP with available skill points. No need to MO minion life. WHen you become stronger and get access to low CD TP you will kils tuff faster and use TP alot to keep your nice meatshields with you ...
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Thanks, this seems like a good way to balance skills.
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i am sorry for the stupid question but how can i finish Blade of the Old Religion quest ?
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Silver-Lambda wrote:i am sorry for the stupid question but how can i finish Blade of the Old Religion quest ?

if you click the altar in the flayer jungle but the ratman doesn't spawn you need to create a new game and do it again. the champion ratman drops the gibdinn