Dr. Strangebuff - Summoner Nec

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HechtHeftig wrote:
ScarletEdge wrote:
HechtHeftig wrote:
notforkeeps wrote:Have you attempted Kabraxis with this build?

Actually, yes, I have.

He has the soulstealer affix so you can't use any summons. I tried him once before and got him down by 1/3 using only Psyonic Storm from Kerrigans Chest (I didn't have Manastorm back then). I think it's possible. But most likely it's easier with flamestrike oskill from Ladon (Xis).

However it has been long since I tried him.

Curious - if you're gonna use a Fire spell then why not just Funeral Pyre? It's what L H always suggested. I've never had any experience using Flamestrike in actual gameplay so I wouldn't know.

Well, it's just that I don't like that spell for 2 reasons:

1: you have to target the enemy directly. That means that you have to be in range of seeing him when you first encounter him, lock on him and keep the target locked. Flamestrike has more freedom just like Psionic Storm. You can daamage enemies when you don't see them with those skills, but that's impossible with Funeral Pyre.
2: the damage is spread over several seconds, making the skill shine when the target stays at the same spot for a long time, but hence it also reduces the overall damage when the target is teleporting/moving all the time.

I simply don't like the mechanics. If it works for you, sure go ahead and use Funeral Pyre. It's just not a spell for me.

True, it's kind of inconvenient that it requires a target. But while it does spread the damage over several seconds, the spell actually follows the target wherever it goes for the duration of the spell, albeit slowly so most of the time it doesn't even hit.
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Hey, is it much of a problem if I accidentally forgot about the first 2 challenges and got to level 85 before remembering them?
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Sadly yes, your char will struggle a lot without Elemental Prism.

The Ennead Skill isnt all that important for a Summoner and you can easily circumvent this obstacle by making a new character and cubing your class charm with said character and transferring it to your original one.

For LC1 my advise is to look for another char you want to play and do LC1 twice with that char, to give one Prism to the original one.
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Ok I'll do that thanks for the help. :)