Trap Rat Miniguide

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tronax wrote:I would suggest to roll all gems with 5% uninterruptable attack and any random resistance (when lucky - 2 resistances). You can get up to exactly 100% UA with the runewords that way with no additional sources at all.

100% UA is not as awesome as it sounds on paper. It is nice to have due to rats slow attack speed but you would still need a good supply of FHR if you don't want to get hitlocked all the time.
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I have 7 frames hit recovery (which is kind of easy to get), and 100% UA. Not getting hitlocked even with 15-20 necrobots around shooting me. The only problem that I do feel about it, is with spells, they do get interrupted all the time which sometimes turns to be fatal.

And ofc Im not saying that having faster hr is useless, but the point is that when you just starting out with the gear from the miniguide, you actually dont have any chance to get the best hr, but, you do have a chance to get 100% UA to greatly reduce the harm of the long hit recovery.
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Somehow i cant get the jewel renewel to work.
Is that removed in a patch?
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PokeToMe wrote:Somehow i cant get the jewel renewel to work.
Is that removed in a patch?

See here under Cube Recipes: