Naginata Assassin

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Broadside has cooldown, its more of a boss nuke kinda thing. Use crucify.
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Where do you put skill points after lvl 140, playing "Final Physical set up" ?
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Ebabanel wrote:Where do you put skill points after lvl 140, playing "Final Physical set up" ?

There's nothing relevent sadly. shadow refuge is nice (reminder that labs is better done with 60 physical resists because of a curse reducing by 10). I also like vampiric icon myslef

Miothan wrote:As someone who has never played Assassin before in Median XL, i am slightly confused as to what skill i am supposed to use as main killer while leveling, im guessing it's Broadside, but that requires level 35, what skill would be good to use until i hit 35?

Main skill for normal/Nightmare are Crucify, Barrier Strike and Broadside (when you can/are against a tanky enemy), For rifts Hades Gates start to shine so you throw crucify away and use that instead.
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helve13 wrote:Hi, are you try this build in lab? How far did you reach in lab, I tried this build because I think it could be good for lab and bosses

You may want the
Black Ice
Black Ice
Halberd (Sacred)

Two-Hand Damage: 71 to 100
(Assassin Only)
Required Level: 70
Required Dexterity: 558
Item Level: 120
Dexterity Damage Bonus: (0.15 per Dexterity)%
Innate Cold Damage:
(45.0% of Vitality)
Area Effect Attack
Orb Effects Applied to this Item are Doubled
+(10 to 15) to Assassin Skill Levels
-30% to Enemy Cold Resistance
+(3 to 9) to Whirlpool
30% to Strength
30% to Dexterity
30% to Energy
Maximum Elemental Resists +(1 to 2)%
+5 Life on Striking
Socketed (6)
variant for progressing further in labs. Much more expensive, not SSF, but can push.
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This is a dumb question but does the vitality bonus from Arkaine's Valor add all of that cold damage to Black Ice? Since it has the stat "45% of Vitality added as innate cold damage". Could this be a viable armor for labs?