Naginata Assassin

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He's lvl 117, so assurs won't come yet. This character as it is can't farm even K3K (let alone Dunc), simply because it can't kill anything there quickly, hence it's Toraja (there will be grief....) or cows. Some budget build u could use if u're set on ZKZ (in all honesty, I'd swap to T4 halberd)
- rings - Regha
- ammy can stay
- armor - Queen of Glass
- helm - Flowerpot
boots - whatver gives u stats

Just by using QoG + Flowerpot u get to cca 90% pierce.
socket with xar runes, invest in Ways to reach pierce cap. But best bet - forget ZKT, go full physical and use ZKT when u get equipment u can use with it.
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Maphyr wrote:The nagi sin is just... so difficult and frustrating to play. I want to play it but I just can't find a way to stay alive, bloodbath, shadow refuge just don't seem to be enough. 82+ resists just don't seem to be enough.

What am I doing wrong? This is my nagi sin, any advice for me?

You feel very squishy because your gear make you so, in my guide at lvl 115 I recommand switching to
Body Armors

Runeword Level: 94
+2 to All Skills
50% Attack Speed
+5% to Summoned Minion Resistances
+1.625% Enhanced Defense (Based on Character Level)
+500 to Life
and a rare amulet with ~300 life, this alone give more than 1k total with every bonuses from charms and prismatic cloak. Another important part is that your gear doesn't have mystic orbs, having enough hit recovery and a few dex and vita bonus change a lot. Last and most important, you're using a Tempest set up. I only and purely only use it to farm fauzt, it's not bad overall of course, but in your specific case you might feel weak because this weapon doesn't have lots of physical damage, hence you leech way less than with a simple
Na-Krul's Spine
Na-Krul's Spine
Naginata (4)

Two-Hand Damage: (22 - 25) to (29 - 36)
(Assassin Only)
Required Level: 6
Required Dexterity: 58
Item Level: 9
Dexterity Damage Bonus: (0.15 per Dexterity)%
Area Effect Attack
20% Chance to cast level 4 Flamefront on Melee Attack
5% Chance to cast level 2 Bloodlust on Melee Attack
+6% Bonus Damage to Bloodlust
15% Attack Speed
+(35 to 40)% Enhanced Damage
Adds (8 to 10)-(13 to 20) damage
Elemental Resists +(21 to 25)%
Physical Resist (3 to 5)%
Socketed (2)
Two-Hand Damage: (74 - 84) to (91 - 106)
(Assassin Only)
Required Level: 26
Required Dexterity: 95
Item Level: 29
Dexterity Damage Bonus: (0.15 per Dexterity)%
Area Effect Attack
30% Chance to cast level 12 Flamefront on Melee Attack
7% Chance to cast level 8 Bloodlust on Melee Attack
+12% Bonus Damage to Bloodlust
25% Attack Speed
+(81 to 103)% Enhanced Damage
Adds (13 to 15)-(28 to 35) damage
Elemental Resists +(31 to 35)%
Physical Resist (9 to 11)%
Socketed (4)
Two-Hand Damage: (194 - 214) to (221 - 246)
(Assassin Only)
Required Level: 47
Required Dexterity: 192
Item Level: 51
Dexterity Damage Bonus: (0.15 per Dexterity)%
Area Effect Attack
40% Chance to cast level 20 Flamefront on Melee Attack
9% Chance to cast level 14 Bloodlust on Melee Attack
+18% Bonus Damage to Bloodlust
35% Attack Speed
+(126 to 149)% Enhanced Damage
Adds (18 to 20)-(43 to 50) damage
Elemental Resists +(41 to 45)%
Physical Resist (15 to 17)%
Socketed (5)
Two-Hand Damage: (255 - 277) to (290 - 320)
(Assassin Only)
Required Level: 57
Required Dexterity: 382
Item Level: 90
Dexterity Damage Bonus: (0.15 per Dexterity)%
Area Effect Attack
45% Chance to cast level 24 Flamefront on Melee Attack
10% Chance to cast level 17 Bloodlust on Melee Attack
+24% Bonus Damage to Bloodlust
40% Attack Speed
+(149 to 171)% Enhanced Damage
Adds (21 to 23)-(51 to 60) damage
Elemental Resists +(46 to 50)%
Physical Resist (18 to 20)%
Socketed (6)
. If I use this to get to 120 then switch to a craft, there's a reason. Leech actually is the main defensive layer and you're missing half of it. Using tempest also make you "lose" points to get phoenix, witch is, I think, unefficient at this point of the game.
It's less important but like said above a few gear pieces doesn't make too many sense, boots are vitually useless and jewelry except your +skills ring is to recheck.

Do all this (i.e follow guide) and it probably will be easier

edit : you have 150 points in str, remove that you fool, I said ALL in dex ALWAYS ALL IN DEX AAAAAAA WHY DOES EVERYONE HAVE IT
edit2 : Nagi don't need intense sig farming but 0 maybe is too extreme
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Thank you guys so much for the feedback, I'll work on it more.