Harbinger Wolf Druid Full Guide [1.3]

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Windsinger and Gulag's Frenzy seems to be have been removed from the game, which items would you consider BiS in sigma? Is Facebreaker a good alternative? I'm thinking if the +IAS per 20 str can give me more space for LUM-runes.
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Neyhanis wrote:hey there few questions for wolfies out there : is it worth it getting mana leech/mana on attack to sustain harb, or should i just use the claw for big regen once in a while ? also, can i get better conversion on harbinger then 75% to magic? (i mean do more points reduce conversion even further? ^^ ) and lastly, if anyone knows : wolf converts mana regen into mana drain. so what about negative mana regen (example hellmouth gloves -50%), does that becomes negative drain = lower drain or even regen ?

i tested it and it is working ! i got my new gloves ! i can now 30+ halbringer in a row without manapulse so its a good deal for sure to use hellmouth !!
mana on kill jewels will cover the rest of the mana wolf curse!